Based on the true events of the Tulsa riot of 1921, our film depicts the bitter resentment of the successful African American community of Greenwood by the conspiring city officials and the KKK.

Ex World War 1 veterans, close friends and families respond to the ensuing massacre with decency and stoic heroism. As well as showing their determination to move on and re-build their lives, it follows the story of a young poor white boy and how a chance meeting with the KKK culminates in him committing an act of violence that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Storyline by David P Gardner
Script by Steve Daly

Business Context

This feature length drama set in Tulsa 1921 has a first class team of like-minded professionals to produce and release this film as an independent enterprise.

Initial private equity now secured and development phase nearing completion.

The new company, Tulsa 21 Ltd., will ensure all incoming investment funds will be controlled through Escrow.

Completion Bond to be sought in the New Year 2020.

Nu Boyana film shoot will complete summer 2020 to support showcase release in the fall, ready for the Tulsa Film Festival.

Tulsa Centennial event and 100th anniversary in May 2021 will coincide with Tulsa 21’s premiere release in the U.S.A.

Delivery team includes Steve Daly as Director, Tiernan Hanby as lead Producer, Ali Asad as Director of Photography, Nick McCahearty as Film Editor, Julie Dunne as Casting Director, and the L’Age D’Or award winning music team, Pandora’s Music Box for the music.

Special advisor includes Hannibal B Johnson for African-American culture.

For more information concerning investment interest in this exciting and financially rewarding project, please use the button to contact me.

David P Gardner

Executive Producer, Tulsa 21.

They called it a riot....
it was a massacre